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European Scenery Index

Just click on the file name for download. After download, please extract the ZIP files and copy them in the directory, you installed the Airbus Screen Saver in (usually c:\aisaver). Enjoy !!!

File Size (Bytes) Description Added on 6,693 Virgin Atlantic Airbus A340-313 Cockpit Image - Thanks to Florian Deneux! 03-May-2003 12,288 Airbus A340-600 Air-Expo Air Show (Muret L'Herm - May 03, 2003) and tail - Thanks to Florian Deneux! 17-Aug-2003
AAN310R3.ZIP 11,188 Oasis International Airlines A310
ACFD.ZIP 818,508 Misc. aircraft - Thanks to Florian Deneux! 08-Nov-2002
ACFD2.ZIP 395,076 Misc. aircraft and cockpits - Thanks to Florian Deneux! 30-Dec-2002
ACFD4.ZIP 337,428 Misc. aircraft and cockpits - Thanks to Florian Deneux! 30-Mar-2003
AEF320R3.ZIP 10,461 Aerolloyd A320
AFL310R3.ZIP 12,649 Aeroflot A310
AFR300L0.ZIP 12,545 Air France A300 in historic liverly
AFR310L2.ZIP 12,482 Air France A310
AFR320L2.ZIP 10,310 Air France A320
AFR340R3.ZIP 10,464 Air France A340
AFRCONR5.ZIP 10,870 Air France Concorde
AI.ZIP 5,298,173 Misc. Airbus Industrie Scenery
You do not need to download this file if you have already downloaded Flying Airbus Screen Saver versions prior to 7.0 !!!
AIB318L1.ZIP 82,239 Airbus Industrie A318 - Thanks to Florian Deneux! 14-Jun-2003
AIB330L1.ZIP 15,893 Airbus A330 "New Strategic Tanker Aircraft" in formation flight with Tornado fighter aircraft 17-Aug-2003
AIB345L1.ZIP 107,433 Airbus A340-500 "The Longest Range Aircraft in the World" - Thanks to Florian Deneux! 17-Aug-2003
AIRBUS.ZIP 500,956 Misc. Airbus Industrie Scenery
AIRBUS2.ZIP 74,729 Misc. Airbus Industrie aircraft
AMC320R3.ZIP 12,378 Air Malta A320
AMM320R2.ZIP 10,814 Air 2000 A320
AMM320R3.ZIP 12,125 Air 2000 A320
AOA300L2.ZIP 11,128 Apollo Airways A300
AT.ZIP 434,159 Misc. Scenery from Austria
ATR425B1.ZIP 17,481 ATR 42-500
ATVORARL.ZIP 146,386 Vorarlberg, Austria
AUA310L3.ZIP 10,727 Austrian Airlines A310
AUA321R3.ZIP 9,845 Austrian Airlines A321
AUA321R4.ZIP 14,884 Austrian Airlines A321 in special anniversary livery
AUA332R3.ZIP 13,297 Austrian Airlines A330
AUA340L3.ZIP 10,135 Austrian Airlines A340
AUA340R2.ZIP 12,002 Austrian Airlines A340
AUA340R3.ZIP 13,258 Austrian Airlines A340
AWD321B2.ZIP 11,994 Airworld Aviation A321
AZA319R3.ZIP 12,722 Alitalia A319
AZA320R2.ZIP 11,393 Alitalia A320
AZA321R3.ZIP 10,026 Alitalia A321
AZI320B1.ZIP 73,595 Azzurra Air A320 christened "Manchester" - Thanks to Florian Deneux! 14-Jun-2003
BAW320L3.ZIP 11,915 British Airways A320
BAWCONL2.ZIP 6,577 British Airways Concorde
BAWCONR2.ZIP 15,572 British Airways Concorde (new livery) - Thanks to Phil Stevens!
BBB310R2.ZIP 11,633 Balair A310
BCM320L3.ZIP 12,576 BCM Airlines A320
BE.ZIP 454,289 Misc. Scenery from Belgium
BE2.ZIP 3,601,275 Misc. Scenery from Belgium 15-Sep-2002
CFG320L0.ZIP 13,277 Condor Berlin A320 - Thanks to Ulrich Hoppe!
CH.ZIP 541,068 Misc. Scenery from Switzerland
CIB.ZIP 178,522 Misc. Condor Berlin scenery and aircraft - Thanks to Heikko Graeber!
CIB320L1.ZIP 12,807 Condor Berlin A320 - Thanks to Heikko Graeber!
CIN320A2.ZIP 13,057 Constellation International A320
CPTFD.ZIP 362,462 Misc. "Cockpit-Background" images - Thanks to Florian Deneux! 08-Nov-2002
CSA310R3.ZIP 10,929 Czech Airlines A310
CKT320R3.ZIP 12,916 Caledonian Airways A320
CTN319R2.ZIP 13,524 Croatia Airlines A319
CTN320R0.ZIP 14,385 Croatia Airlines A319 - Thanks to Ulrich Hoppe!
CY.ZIP 1,562,948 Misc. Scenery from Cyprus - Thanks to Andy Phillipou for parts! 15-Sep-2002
CYP320R3.ZIP 10,965 Cyprus Airways A320
DE1.ZIP 3,907,472 Misc. Scenery from Germany
DE2.ZIP 3,878,248 Misc. Scenery from Germany
DE3.ZIP 1,781,093 Misc. Scenery from Germany - Thanks to Phil Stevens for parts!
DE4.ZIP 3,862,531 Misc. Scenery from Germany
DE5.ZIP 1,057,645 Misc. Scenery from Germany
DE6.ZIP 3,066,117 Misc. Scenery from Germany 22-Mar-2002
DE7.ZIP 2,710,414 Misc. Scenery from Germany 15-Sep-2002
DE8.ZIP 3,425,123 Misc. Scenery from Germany 17-Aug-2003
DEAIRP.ZIP 3,638,734 Misc. Airports from Germany 17-Apr-2002
DEBSWLIO.ZIP 124,593 Braunschweig (Brunswick), Germany - The Brunswick Lion
DEHAMBEL.ZIP 169,208 Beluga Loading at Dasa Factory Hamburg, Germany
DEHAMFUH.ZIP 131,132 Hamburg, Germany - Fuhlsbüttel Airport - Thanks to Hamburg Airport Co.!
DEHAMPAN.ZIP 141,308 Hamburg, Germany
DELHHIDD.ZIP 123,292 Hiddensee, Germany
DEWAOOGE.ZIP 154,661 Wangerooge, Germany
DK.ZIP 574,462 Misc. Scenery from Denmark
DLH300R3.ZIP 10,037 Lufthansa German Airlines A300
DLH310R3.ZIP 7,499 Lufthansa German Airlines A310
DLH319R3.ZIP 12,869 Lufthansa German Airlines A319
DLH320L3.ZIP 11,572 Lufthansa German Airlines A320
DLH320R3.ZIP 10,057 Lufthansa German Airlines A320
DLH321R2.ZIP 9,890 Lufthansa German Airlines A321
DLH340L0.ZIP 11,522 Lufthansa A340 in special "Star Alliance" livery - Thanks to Ulrich Hoppe!
DLH340L1.ZIP 13,005 Lufthansa A340 in special "Star Alliance" livery - Thanks to Ulrich Hoppe!
DLH340L2.ZIP 10,766 Lufthansa German Airlines A340
DLH340R1.ZIP 12,213 Lufthansa German Airlines A340
DLH340R3.ZIP 11,719 Lufthansa German Airlines A340
DLHFORR3.ZIP 15,978 Lufthansa German Airlines formation of A310 and A320
DLHJ52R0.ZIP 13,739 Lufthansa German Airlines Junkers 52 "Tante Ju"
E4J319R2.ZIP 13,572 EasyJet A319 03-May-2003
EIN319R3.ZIP 12,751 Aer Lingus A319
EIN320R2.ZIP 11,895 Aer Lingus A320
EIN321R2.ZIP 10,065 Aer Lingus A321
EIN330A1.ZIP 21,455 Aer Lingus A330 - Thanks to Phil Stevens!
EIN330L3.ZIP 10,420 Aer Lingus A330
EIN330R2.ZIP 11,442 Aer Lingus A330
EIN330R3.ZIP 10,695 Aer Lingus A330
ES.ZIP 1,970,939 Misc. Scenery from Spain
ES2.ZIP 4,378,242 Misc. Scenery from Spain 03-May-2003
ESAIRP.ZIP 2,900,456 Misc. Airports from Spain 03-May-2003
ESANDAL1.ZIP 143,997 Andalousia, Spain
ESBARCE1.ZIP 158,080 Barcelona, Spain
ESCAN.ZIP 1,498,584 Misc. Scenery from the Canary Islands 12-May-2002
ESCAN2.ZIP 3,535,557 Misc. Scenery from the Canary Islands and Baleares 03-May-2003
ESMALLOR.ZIP 597,763 Misc. Scenery from Mallorca - Thanks to Ottmar Steep! 17-Jun-2002
ESRONDA2.ZIP 146,411 Serrania de Ronda, Spain
EWG319B4.ZIP 13,490 Eurowings A319
EWG319L2.ZIP 14,310 Eurowings A319
EWG319R5.ZIP 13,567 Eurowings A319
EXC320L3.ZIP 14,725 Excalibur A320
EXS300A1.ZIP 13,539 Channel Express A300 Freighter
EXS300L3.ZIP 13,891 Channel Express A300 Freighter
FI.ZIP 578,345 Misc. Scenery from Finland
FIN300L2.ZIP 10,046 Finnair A300
FIN319R3.ZIP 12,231 Finnair A319
FIN320R2.ZIP 12,028 Finnair A320
FIN321R2.ZIP 10,979 Finnair A321
FR1.ZIP 2,993,577 Misc. Scenery from France
FR2.ZIP 3,084,600 Misc. Scenery from France
FR3.ZIP 824,385 Misc. Scenery from France
FR4.ZIP 2,558,888 Misc. Scenery from France
FR5.ZIP 2,688,501 Misc. Scenery from France
FR6.ZIP 1,412,994 Misc. Scenery from France
FR7.ZIP 2,834,294 Misc. Scenery from France
FR8.ZIP 3,874,124 Misc. Scenery from France 22-Mar-2002
FR9.ZIP 4,140,040 Misc. Scenery from France 03-May-2003
FR10.ZIP 4,059,969 Misc. Scenery from France 03-May-2003
FRAIRP.ZIP 4,421,785 Misc. Airports from France 03-May-2003
FRALPES1.ZIP 146,431 France - The Alpes
FRBAVELL.ZIP 166,159 Bavella, France/Corsica
FRBONIFA.ZIP 187,994 Bonifacio, France/Corsica
FRMSEGUR.ZIP 175,399 Montségur, France
FRPAREIF.ZIP 135,909 Paris, France
FRPYR1.ZIP 104,333 France - Pyrenees
FRTLS3GP.ZIP 131,740 3 Supper Guppies at Toulouse Airport, France
FRTLSPN6.ZIP 169,870 Toulouse, France - Panoramic view
FRTLSRED.ZIP 172,769 Toulouse, France - Skyline and Garonne riverfront
GAF310B1.ZIP 13,011 German Airforce A310 in new "Bundesrepublik Deutschland (Fed.Rep.of Germany)" colours 17-Aug-2003
GIBRALTA.ZIP 129,616 Gibraltar
GR.ZIP 1,799,192 Misc. Scenery from Greece
GR2.ZIP 4,078,457 Misc. Scenery from Greece 30-Dec-2002
GRL330L5.ZIP 49,034 Air Greenland Airbus A330-223 - Thanks to Florian Deneux! 03-May-2003
HLF310B2.ZIP 15,122 Hapag Lloyd Flug A310
HLF310L2.ZIP 11,791 Hapag Lloyd Flug A310
IBE320R3.ZIP 12,223 Iberia A320
IBE340R3.ZIP 10,560 Iberia A340
IBE346A1.ZIP 97,801 Iberia A340-600 - Thanks to Florian Deneux! 14-Jun-2003
IE.ZIP 1,805,788 Misc. Scenery from Ireland
IE2.ZIP 1,004,711 Misc. Scenery from Ireland - Thanks to Phil Stevens!
IE3.ZIP 1,615,680 Misc. Scenery from Ireland 12-May-2002
IE4.ZIP 4,157,868 Misc. Scenery from Ireland 30-Mar-2003
IEHIST1.ZIP 3,092,380 Ancient Ireland Part 1 - Thanks to Phil Stevens!
IEHIST2.ZIP 2,902,741 Ancient Ireland Part 2 - Thanks to Phil Stevens!
IFL310R1.ZIP 16,492 Interflug (former East German national airline) A310 - Thanks to Heikko Graeber!
IT.ZIP 1,771,429 Misc. Scenery from Italy
IT2.ZIP 1,461,204 Misc. Scenery from Italy - Thanks to Phil Stevens!
IT3.ZIP 2,462,540 Misc. Scenery from Italy 22-Mar-2002
IT4.ZIP 4,483,454 Misc. Scenery from Italy 30-Mar-2003
ITF319R2.ZIP 10,093 Air Inter A319
ITF320R2.ZIP 12,188 Air Inter A320
ITF320R3.ZIP 12,247 Air Inter Europe A320
ITF321R2.ZIP 12,057 Air Inter A321
ITF330L3.ZIP 10,746 Air Inter A330
KRT320R3.ZIP 12,360 Cretan Airlines A320
LAZ320L3.ZIP 9,780 Balkan Bulgarian Airlines A320
LEI320R3.ZIP 11,746 Leisure International Airways A320
LEI321R3.ZIP 10,474 Leisure International Airways A321
LIB300L3.ZIP 10,801 Air Liberté A300
LTU330R3.ZIP 10,038 LTU A330
MED320R2.ZIP 12,980 British Mediterranean A320
MISC.ZIP 3,159,202 Misc. Scenery (Czech Republic, Hungary, Iceland, Norway, Russia etc.)
MISC2.ZIP 1,592,265 Misc. Scenery (Czech Republic, Russia, Switzerland etc. + 3 Fokker 100)
MISC3.ZIP 1,864,919 Misc. Scenery (Northern Ireland, Romania, Cyprus etc.) - Thanks to Phil Stevens!
MISC4.ZIP 613,456 Misc. Scenery (Hungary etc.) - Thanks to Dennis Könneker!
MISC5.ZIP 871,936 Misc. Scenery (Germany and some aircraft) - Thanks to Heikko Graeber for Berlin airports images!
MISC6.ZIP 698,435 Misc. Scenery (Airbus Industrie and some aircraft)
MISC7.ZIP 1,228,588 Misc. Scenery (Austria, France, Greece, Ireland, Turkey etc.)
MISC8.ZIP 1,509,248 Misc. Scenery (Spain, Italy and Portugal)
MISC9.ZIP 1,340,441 Misc. Scenery (Spain, Ireland and some aircraft)
MISC10.ZIP 2,079,943 Misc. Scenery (Germany, Scandinavia and some aircraft)
MISC11.ZIP 3,326,203 Misc. Scenery (Benelux, France, UK etc.)
MISC12.ZIP 2,282,183 Misc. Scenery (Greece, Spain etc.)
MISC13.ZIP 2,391,107 Misc. Scenery (Italy, Turkey etc.)
MISC14.ZIP 3,193,890 Misc. Scenery (Austria, Switzerland, UK etc.) 22-Mar-2002
MISC15.ZIP 3,725,851 Misc. Scenery (Greece, Russia, Eastern Europe) 22-Mar-2002
MISC16.ZIP 2,213,426 Misc. Scenery and many Aircraft 12-May-2002
MISC17.ZIP 4,039,619 Misc. Scenery from Eastern Europe 11-Aug-2002
MISC18.ZIP 2,887,335 Misc. Scenery (Austria, Switzerland and Luxemburg) 15-Sep-2002
MISC19.ZIP 2,805,902 Misc. Scenery from Scandinavia and Finland 15-Sep-2002
MISC20.ZIP 4,071,593 Misc. Scenery (Germany, Austria, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe etc.) 30-Dec-2002
MISC21.ZIP 3,427,823 Misc. Scenery (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxemburg) 26-Jan-2003
MISC22.ZIP 3,881,328 Misc. Scenery from Eastern Europe incl. the new Aeroflot A320 26-Jan-2003
MISC23.ZIP 4,062,199 Misc. Scenery from Skandinavia, Finland and Iceland 30-Mar-2003
MISC24.ZIP 4,932,931 Misc. Scenery from Germany, Austria and Switzerland 30-Mar-2003
MISC25.ZIP 4,044,572 Misc. Scenery from Greece and Malta 30-Mar-2003
MISC26.ZIP 3,720,181 Misc. Scenery from Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg 30-Mar-2003
MISC27.ZIP 3,141,663 Misc. Scenery from Eastern Europe (Hungary, Croatia, Poland, Russia, Turkey et al.) 30-Mar-2003
MISC28.ZIP 3,671,984 Misc. Scenery (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Monaco, Eastern Europe, Skandinavia et al.) 03-May-2003
MISC29.ZIP 3,735,095 Misc. Scenery from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Skandinavia 14-Jun-2003
MISC30.ZIP 3,681,904 Misc. Scenery (BeNeLux, Great Britain, Eastern Europe) 14-Jun-2003
MISC31.ZIP 3,715,325 Misc. Scenery from France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Malta 14-Jun-2003
MISC32.ZIP 4,087,808 Misc. Scenery from Austria, Switzerland, France, Hungary and Czech Republic 17-Aug-2003
MISC33.ZIP 3,794,081 Misc. Scenery from Scandinavia, Ireland, BeNeLux, Russia, Poland and Bulgaria 17-Aug-2003
MISC34.ZIP 3,135,730 Misc. Scenery from Italy, Portugal, Croatia, Malta, Greece, Cyprus and Turkey 17-Aug-2003
MISC35.ZIP 4,893,079 Misc. Scenery from Spain and Great Britain 17-Aug-2003
MISC36.ZIP 4,120,523 Misc. Scenery from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Great Britain etc. 07-Sep-2003
MISCAP1.ZIP 3,007,418 Misc. Airports from Europe (Switzerland, Spain, Portugal etc.) 17-Apr-2002
MISCAP2.ZIP 3,294,715 Misc. Airports from Europe (France, Greece, Netherlands etc.) 17-Apr-2002
MON320R3.ZIP 11,638 Monarch Airlines A320
MON321R3.ZIP 15,767 Monarch Airlines A321
NL.ZIP 448,742 Misc. Scenery from the Netherlands
NNBALLON.ZIP 96,610 Ballooning
NNSUNSE3.ZIP 116,826 Sunset
NNSUNSET.ZIP 116,460 Sunset
OAL300R2.ZIP 14,480 Olympic Airways A300
OAL340R3.ZIP 11,579 Olympic Airways A340
OHY320R3.ZIP 12,715 Onur Air A320
OHY321R3.ZIP 10,414 Onur Air A320
PT.ZIP 1,578,143 Misc. Scenery from Portugal
PT2.ZIP 3,055,920 Misc. Scenery from Portugal 30-Mar-2003
PTMADEIR.ZIP 1,079,050 Misc. Scenery from Madeira - Thanks to Ottmar Steep! 17-Aug-2003
PTI319.ZIP 26,640 PrivatAir A319 - This one will be serving the shuttle flight Finkenwerder-Toulouse from Monday May 5th, finally Airbus people fly AIRBUS !!! :-) 03-May-2003
RAT300R3.ZIP 11,333 Ratioflug Luftfahrtunternehmen A300
RUMOSKRM.ZIP 204,778 Moskow, Russia - The Kremlin - Thanks to Sadik Shaikh!
SAB310R3.ZIP 10,658 Sabena A310
SAB323R4.ZIP 10,448 Sabena A320
SAB330R2.ZIP 13,373 Sabena A330 - Thanks to Phil Stevens!
SAB330R3.ZIP 22,874 Sabena A330 & A340 formation flight - Thanks to Phil Stevens!
SAB340R3.ZIP 16,006 Sabena A340 - Thanks to Phil Stevens!
SCANAIRP.ZIP 1,911,322 Misc. Airports from Scandinavia/Northern Europe 17-Apr-2002
SE.ZIP 516,619 Misc. Scenery from Sweden
SEU320R4.ZIP 13,827 Star Europe A320
SWR310R3.ZIP 13,502 Swissair A310
SWR319L1.ZIP 12,641 Swissair A319 - Thanks to Phil Stevens!
SWR319R2.ZIP 11,124 Swissair A319
SWR320R3.ZIP 11,621 Swissair A320
SWR321R2.ZIP 11,527 Swissair A321
SWR332R3.ZIP 12,220 Swissair A330
TAP310L3.ZIP 11,612 Air Portugal A310
TAP320R3.ZIP 9,789 Air Portugal A320
TAP340R4.ZIP 12,895 Air Portugal A340
THY310L2.ZIP 11,708 Turkish Airlines A310
THY340R3.ZIP 10,807 Turkish Airlines A340
THY340WC.ZIP 27,018 A special for the Football World Cup 2002 - Turkish Airlines A340 in special colours !!! 17-Jun-2002
TLA320R3.ZIP 11,918 Translift A320
TR.ZIP 721,227 Misc. Scenery from Turkey
TRISTPAN.ZIP 132,335 Istanbul, Turkey
TRM310R3.ZIP 21,190 TAROM Romanian Air Transport A310 - Thanks to Phil Stevens!
UK.ZIP 2,486,687 Misc. Scenery from Great Britain
UK2.ZIP 3,287,958 Misc. Scenery from Great Britain - Thanks to Phil Stevens!
UK3.ZIP 1,720,865 Misc. Scenery from Great Britain - Thanks to Phil Stevens!
UK4.ZIP 4,369,644 Misc. Scenery from Great Britain 03-May-2003
UK5.ZIP 4,307,014 Misc. Scenery from Great Britain 03-May-2003
UKAIRP.ZIP 2,722,036 Misc. Airports from Great Britain 17-Apr-2002
UKAIRP2.ZIP 3,052,958 Misc. Airports from Great Britain 03-May-2003
UKCAST.ZIP 3,814,279 Castles and Abbeys from Great Britain 03-May-2003
UKLD.ZIP 4,089,101 The English Lake District National Park - Thanks to Phil Stevens!
UKLONPN2.ZIP 159,132 London, United Kingdom
VFW614R2.ZIP 13,938 VFW 614
VIR320R3.ZIP 11,380 Virgin Atlantic Airways A320
VIR340L3.ZIP 9,158 Virgin Atlantic Airways A340
VIR340R4.ZIP 12,999 Virgin Atlantic Airways A340
VKG320A1.ZIP 13,786 Premiair A320 - Thanks to Søren Holmberg!
VKG320R4.ZIP 78,042 MyTravel Airways A320 in brand new paint - Thanks to Florian Deneux! 14-Jun-2003
VLR320R1.ZIP 13,264 VolareWeb A320 03-May-2003
ZEPPELL3.ZIP 13,389 Zeppelin NT


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