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Just click on the file name for download. After download, please extract the ZIP files and copy them in the directory, you installed the Airbus Screen Saver in (usually c:\aisaver). Enjoy !!!

File Size (Bytes) Description Added on 7,301 Singapore Airlines A310 Background Image - Thanks to Florian Deneux! 30-Mar-2003
A3A321L2.ZIP 9,767 Air Macau A321
AAA320L4.ZIP 14,616 Ansett Airlines of Australia A320
AAA320R0.ZIP 18,529 Ansett Airlines of Australia A320 in special "Sydney 2000" livery
AAR320R2.ZIP 13,661 Asiana Airlines A320
AAR321R2.ZIP 8,649 TransAsia Airways A321
AAR321R3.ZIP 11,072 Asiana Airlines A321
ACI320R1.ZIP 63,811 Air Caledonie International (Aircalin) A320 - Thanks to Florian Deneux! 14-Jun-2003
ALK320R4.ZIP 14,283 Air Lanka A320
ALK340R5.ZIP 14,719 Air Lanka A340
ANA320L3.ZIP 10,504 All Nippon Airways A320
ANA321L5.ZIP 16,417 All Nippon Airways A321 in "Photos from Japan" livery - Thanks to Phil Stevens!
ANA321R3.ZIP 10,983 All Nippon Airways A321
ANA340R4.ZIP 11,826 All Nippon Airways A340
ANG310R3.ZIP 11,366 Air Niugini A310
AU.ZIP 1,126,887 Misc. Scenery from Australia
AU2.ZIP 1,633,006 Misc. Scenery from Australia - Thanks to Phil Stevens!
AU3.ZIP 3,906,617 Misc. Scenery from Australia 11-Aug-2002
AU4.ZIP 3,073,335 Misc. Scenery from Australia 26-Jan-2003
AUHKAIRP.ZIP 2,215,994 Misc. Airports from Australia and Hong Kong 17-Apr-2002
AUSYDPAN.ZIP 212,436 Sydney, Australia
AUSYDPN3.ZIP 163,797 Sydney, Australia
BBC310R2.ZIP 12,179 Birman Bangladesh Airlines A310 - Thanks to Phil Stevens!
BBC310R3.ZIP 13,109 Birman Bangladesh Airlines A310
CAL300R3.ZIP 12,424 China Airlines A300
CAL320R3.ZIP 12,371 China Airlines A320
CBF300R2.ZIP 12,383 China Northern A300
CCA340R3.ZIP 13,041 Air China A340
CES310L4.ZIP 13,050 China Eastern A310
CES340R4.ZIP 14,302 China Eastern A340
CJG320R3.ZIP 11,104 Zhejiang Airlines A320
CN.ZIP 967,085 Misc. Scenery from China
CN2.ZIP 3,690,763 Misc. Scenery from China 11-Aug-2002
CNBIGWAL.ZIP 206,101 China - The Great Wall
CNMHUASH.ZIP 119,915 China - Huashan Mountains
CNSHA.ZIP 504,177 China - Misc. Shanghai scenery
CNW300R3.ZIP 9,647 China Northwest A300
CNW320R3.ZIP 11,556 China Northwest A320
CPA330L2.ZIP 11,040 Cathay Pacific A330
CPA340L2.ZIP 9,401 Cathay Pacific A340
CPA340R2.ZIP 15,195 Cathay Pacific A340
CPA346A2.ZIP 83,924 Cathay Pacific A340-600 - Thanks to Florian Deneux! 26-Jan-2003
CPA346B1.ZIP 61,099 Cathay Pacific A340-600 - Thanks to Florian Deneux! 26-Jan-2003
CPTACFD.ZIP 480,016 Misc. "Cockpit-Background" images & aircraft - Thanks to Florian Deneux! 08-Nov-2002
CSC320L3.ZIP 11,777 Sichuan Airlines A320
CSC320R3.ZIP 14,330 Sichuan Airlines A320
CSN320R3.ZIP 11,012 China Southern Airlines A320
FP.ZIP 1,016,876 Misc. Scenery from the French Overseas Territories
GIA300R2.ZIP 8,748 Garuda Indonesian A300
GIA330R2.ZIP 21,595 Garuda Indonesian A330 - Thanks to Phil Stevens!
GIA330R3.ZIP 11,853 Garuda Indonesian A330
HDA320R3.ZIP 8,736 Dragonair A320
HDA330L2.ZIP 11,919 Dragonair A330
HKBYNITE.ZIP 203,730 Hong Kong by night
HKHKGPN1.ZIP 141,241 Hong Kong by night
HKHKGPN2.ZIP 135,495 Hong Kong by night
HKJONKSL.ZIP 124,150 Hong Kong - Skyline with junk
HVN320R3.ZIP 11,775 Vietnam Airways A320
IAC300R3.ZIP 9,158 Indian Airlines A300
IAC310R3.ZIP 12,416 Indian Airlines A310
IAC320L5.ZIP 13,577 Indian Airlines A320
ID.ZIP 1,053,702 Misc. Scenery from Indonesia - Thanks to Phil Stevens!
IN.ZIP 1,945,061 Misc. Scenery from India - Thanks to Phil Stevens!
INPAL.ZIP 2,191,001 Historic Palaces of India - Thanks to Phil Stevens!
INTAJMAH.ZIP 140,612 India - Taj Mahal
JAS300L3.ZIP 10,718 Japan Air System A300
JAS300L4.ZIP 10,490 Japan Air System A300
JP.ZIP 462,077 Misc. Scenery from Japan
JPEXSHIP.ZIP 176,345 Japanese High-Tech Sail Ship - Thanks to Dennis Könneker!
JPOKINAW.ZIP 114,290 Japan - Okinawa
KAL300L3.ZIP 14,033 Korean Airlines A300
KAL330R3.ZIP 11,238 Korean Airlines A330
KAL333WC.ZIP 28,251 A special for the Football World Cup 2002 - Korean Air Lines A330-300 in special colours !!! 12-May-2002
KIW320R5.ZIP 9,851 Kiwi Airlines A320
MAS330R3.ZIP 11,363 Malaysia Airlines A330
MAS380A1.ZIP 96,929 Malaysia Airlines A380 - Thanks to Florian Deneux! 30-Mar-2003
MISC.ZIP 1,953,883 Misc. Scenery (India, Nepal, Niugini, Taiwan etc.)
MISC2.ZIP 1,346,844 Misc. Scenery (China, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Thailand etc.) - Thanks to Phil Stevens!
MISC3.ZIP 2,760,576 Misc. Scenery (Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan etc.) - Thanks to Phil Stevens!
MISC4.ZIP 410,370 Misc. Scenery (Australia and some aircraft)
MISC5.ZIP 209,941 Misc. Scenery (Philippines and some aircraft)
MISC6.ZIP 1,188,239 Misc. Scenery (Australia, China, Indonesia, New Zealand etc.)
MISC7.ZIP 117,928 Misc. Aircraft
MISC8.ZIP 794,530 Misc. Scenery (Australia, Taiwan etc.) - Thanks to Angelika Morre and Guu-Wei Shieh!
MISC9.ZIP 169,960 Misc. Scenery (Taiwan and some aircraft)
MISC10.ZIP 2,922,446 Misc. Scenery (Australia and New Zealand) 22-Mar-2002
MISC11.ZIP 2,898,185 Misc. Scenery (China, Indonesia, India etc.) 22-Mar-2002
MISC12.ZIP 2,651,119 Misc. Scenery (Japan, Malaysia, New Caledonia etc.) 22-Mar-2002
MISC13.ZIP 2,940,323 Misc. Scenery (Thailand, Taiwan etc.) 22-Mar-2002
MISC14.ZIP 1,370,697 Misc. Scenery (Australia and Japan and many Aircraft) 12-May-2002
MISC15.ZIP 3,086,264 Misc. Scenery (New Zealand, Japan and Singapore) 11-Aug-2002
MISC16.ZIP 4,392,208 Misc. Scenery (Mongolia, Malaysia, Thailand et al.) 11-Aug-2002
MISC17.ZIP 3,415,138 Misc. Scenery (Australia, New Zealand and the South Seas) 15-Sep-2002
MISC18.ZIP 2,543,647 Misc. Scenery (Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand et al.) 15-Sep-2002
MISC19.ZIP 4,037,335 Misc. Scenery (China, Mongolia and Nepal) 15-Sep-2002
MISC20.ZIP 3,163,070 Misc. Scenery (China, India and Iran) 30-Dec-2002
MISC21.ZIP 4,392,049 Misc. Scenery (Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Thailand et al.) 30-Dec-2002
MISC22.ZIP 3,743,254 Misc. Scenery (India, Cambodia, Nepal et al.) 26-Jan-2003
MISC23.ZIP 4,170,325 Misc. Scenery (China, New Zealand, Thailand, Vietnam et al.) - Thanks to Tzewei Pang for Bangkok Airport picture! 26-Jan-2003
MISC24.ZIP 4,959,706 Misc. Scenery (Singapore, Brunei, Philippines, Nepal, Japan and Thailand) 30-Mar-2003
MISC25.ZIP 4,800,589 Misc. Scenery (China, India, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam) 30-Mar-2003
MISC26.ZIP 4,794,286 Misc. Scenery (Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia et al.) 30-Mar-2003
MISC27.ZIP 2,574,942 Misc. Scenery (China, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Laos et al. and Pacific Airlines A310) 03-May-2003
MISC28.ZIP 2,673,710 Misc. Scenery (Australia, China, Myanmar et al.) 14-Jun-2003
MISC29.ZIP 3,789,230 Misc. Scenery (Australia, China, Myanmar, New Zealand, Malaysia et al.) 17-Aug-2003
MISC30.ZIP 2,691,443 Misc. Scenery from Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Japan, China et al. 07-Sep-2003
MISCAIRP.ZIP 2,229,591 Misc. Airports from Far East/the South Seas 17-Apr-2002
MISCAP2.ZIP 2,047,513 Misc. Airports from Far East/the South Seas 17-Aug-2003
MM.ZIP 344,239 Misc. Scenery from Myanmar
MNA300R3.ZIP 10,120 Merpati Nusantara Airlines A300
MU.ZIP 587,186 Misc. Scenery from Mauritius
MUQ320R4.ZIP 11,457 Air Macau A320
MY.ZIP 3,406,640 Misc. Scenery from Malaysia 30-Mar-2003
MYPANGK.ZIP 147,716 Pangkor Laut Resort, Malaysia - Thanks to Phil Stevens!
NNBAYEBL.ZIP 130,477 South Sea Island Bay
NPHIMALA.ZIP 173,059 Nepal - Himalaya
NZ.ZIP 454,932 Misc. Scenery from New Zealand
PAL320R3.ZIP 10,383 Philippine Air Lines A320
PAL330R3.ZIP 10,069 Philippine Air Lines A330
PAL340R2.ZIP 9,686 Philippine Air Lines A340
PAL340R3.ZIP 10,980 Philippine Air Lines A340
PH.ZIP 1,133,669 Misc. Scenery from the Philippines - Thanks to Phil Stevens!
PHVULCAN.ZIP 144,171 Philippines
PIA310R3.ZIP 12,242 Pakistan International Airlines A310
PIA340R2.ZIP 12,135 Pakistan International Airlines A340
QFA300L2.ZIP 14,119 Qantas A300
RTA310R3.ZIP 12,367 Royal Thai Air Force A310
SG.ZIP 778,707 Misc. Scenery from Singapore
SGSINPN2.ZIP 161,784 Singapore
SIA310L2.ZIP 12,483 Singapore Airlines A310
SIA340R3.ZIP 12,928 Singapore Airlines A340
SIA340R5.ZIP 11,336 Singapore Airlines A340
SIACONA1.ZIP 11,362 Singapore Airlines Concorde - Thanks to Phil Stevens!
SLK320R3.ZIP 12,877 Silk Air A320
SS.ZIP 1,900,741 Misc. Scenery from the South Seas 11-Aug-2002
T3H340R2.ZIP 10,360 Tahiti Airlines A340
TH.ZIP 459,030 Misc. Scenery from Thailand
THA300R0.ZIP 12,339 Siam Air A300
THA300R2.ZIP 12,896 Thai International A300
THA330L4.ZIP 11,196 Thai International A330
THA330R2.ZIP 9,252 Thai International A330
THA330R3.ZIP 10,348 Thai International A330
TNA320R3.ZIP 10,201 TransAsia Airways A320
UZB310R3.ZIP 12,723 Uzbekistan Airlines A310


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