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Some more or less useful links:

Please do not forget to read and accept the disclaimer before klicking on any link !!!
I do not link to any commercial websites, all or at least most content provided there are for free. If this is not the case, because this may change, please drop me an e-mail. Also the sites listed in the shopping section are no online shops but services to help you find the best products at most competitive prices.
If you encounter a broken link, please drop me an e-mail.

These links are my favourite bookmarks. I have put them here in order to have them available from wherever I might be at the time. But you are welcome to share this facility at your convenience, of course.
Please note that all links open in new windows.
This list is not yet fully complete and will be updated regularly.


Family, Friends, Colleagues and other notable people: Lämmertwiete is a small road close to my place, there are loads of different restaurants and pubs. A friend has booked this domain and currently he has put the story of my 30th birthday celebration (which happened there by the way) on it. Java must be enabled.
Michael Koch One of my best friends.....
Michi hat gefegt .....and the illustrated story how he had to sweep the stairs of his place's town hall - a custom in Germany for men not married when reaching the age of 30. =;-)
Angie's Page Another good friend. She has some very interesting illustrated travel reports on her site.
Gary Yelland My boss at work. He has a very well-designed and maintained personal website with some interesting stuff, mainly about photography and computers. Shockwave plug-in required!
Sandra & Stefan Radünz I met Stefan during my Business Admin studies.
Lars' Virtual Terminal A former classmate of mine in Toulouse. His father made the famous Airbus Screen Saver, Lars has specialized in everything about the MS Flight Simulator. You can download some aircraft created by himself.
Martin Hellmund A former classmate from high school. Unfortunately there isn't much to see on his page currently.
Soenke's World Well, a friend of mine with currently not much to say. ;-) n/a
Lars Wentorp Another friend with currently nothing to say neither. n/a


Places to go:

The Old Dubliner
Irish Pub



Deutscher Eisenbahn-Verein e.V. The Deutscher Eisenbahn Verein (German Railway Society), the first railways preservation society in Germany. They operate a narrow gauge railway near Bremen. I am member of that society. ;-)
Historische S-Bahn Hamburg e.V. Another railways society I am member of. This one preserves and operates a historical trainset of Hamburg's mass rapid rail system which was retired a couple of years ago.
The Monorail Society This society (which I am also member of - it's for free ;-) promotes monorail technology throughout the world. On the website you will find all sort of information about monorails and where they are operated.
The European Railway Server Well, the most complete resource about railroading in Europe. Including a huge, well-organized picture gallery. This is a web host offering space and subdomains for railfans. So you will find everything you may be looking for there, especially about North American railroading. Picture galleries as well as historical insights.
Under Western Skies One nice example out of the huge Jerry Sharp offers loads of high quality photos of North American railroading.
Jerry's Railroad Photo Album A very beautiful collection of vintage North American railroad photography by Jerry Appleman. This site is updated regularly (3 times a month).
The Cyberspace World RailRoad Another exhausting resource on all kind of stuff concerning mainly North American railroading.
Railpage Australia This is the page to start with if you are looking for information about railways "Down Under".
Trainman's Trainpage Another Australian railway website with a large nice photo gallery from David Johnson.
Trains:AJH A.J. Hurst, also from "Down Under" maintains a huge and nice photo gallery.
Sydney Electric Train Society A society I am not (yet ;-) a member of. They preserve and operate vintage electric equipment from the Sydney area. Well-maintained website with nice picture galleries.
TrainWWW This page is unfortunately only available in Japanese, but if you try around with the buttons and links, you will quickly find real gems of Japanese railway photography (well, the pictures are the only useful stuff anyway, if you cannot understand the texts. ;-)
The Japanese Railway Society Another society I am not a member of. But this site offers interesting insights in Japanese railroading and is updated monthly. Another page only available in Japanese but with a large and nice photo gallery which is updated from time to time. A very good page about train simulations for the PC (so you can be your own engineer). There are links to freeware and commercial simulations and loads of addons (rolling stock and scenery) for download.
CroTrainz Another very useful resource for train simulations.


The International Movie Database You will get lots of information about your favourite movies, actors etc. here. Read the many reviews before spending money for a cinema ticket or video/DVD. Great site. - Your Daily Dose of Star Wars Lots of information about my favourite SciFi saga.
The Lion King WWW Archive Great site about one of my favourite animated movies.
Captain Future When I was a child, I did not miss any episode of this animated SciFi series.


Aviation: Two phantastic sites with loads of aircraft-related pictures for search and download.



Contiki Outback & Territory Photo Album Another great tralellogue from my friend Angie


Computers and Security:

The International PGP Homepage Everything about the most common tool wordwide to secure your personal files and e-mail. A quite good search engine and link page for IT security-related topics. The search engine may be overloaded during peak hours.


Shopping: My favourite consumer portal. Loads of reports from satisfied or unhappy customers on everything you can spend money for. So if you plan an investment, check this out in order to get best value for your bucks. Specific sites in national languages are available for major European countries. I made my decision about my new digital camera here. ;-)
DVD-Vergleich If you want to buy a DVD, this site tells you where (in Germany) you get it cheapest.
DVD Price Search The same for North America (if you own a player with no region code restrictions), even shipping charges to Europe can be taken into account when comparing the different shops. This site tells you where (in Germany) you can currently get any consumer electronics equipment cheapest.



Google My favourite search engine.
Gymnasium Schenefeld My high school.
Deutsche Schule Toulouse My elementary school and first high school classes in Toulouse.
Tiger's Eyes A website designed by a friend of mine residing in Florida. It is about a wildlife sanctuary, it's worth having a short look.
The art of Greg Martin Lots of brilliant spacescape images with desktop wallpapers for download (in the vault section).
Acronym finder Well, the name says it all..... An online dictionary, mainly for computer-related expressions.


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